HöRM CLINIC | ホルムクリニック 再生医療

HöRM CLINIC is dedicated to the forefront of 21st-century regenerative medicine, emphasizing the potential of anti-aging and next-generation healthcare. Our commitment is to enhance your quality of life through innovative approaches.

We transcend traditional medical care by not only addressing the restoration of impaired health but also fostering positive well-being. Our approach encompasses both physical vitality and mental enrichment, aiming for positive transformations. Utilizing cutting-edge medical technology, we craft personalized treatment strategies to support you in building a healthy and fulfilling future.

HöRM CLINIC | ホルムクリニック 再生医療
HöRM CLINIC | ホルムクリニック 再生医療

Treatment Specialties

At HöRM CLINIC, we are pioneers in medical innovation, dedicated to researching and developing progressive forms of medical care. Employing a spectrum of methods, from conventional to cutting-edge technology, our mission is to guide you on a transformative journey to bring your way of life closer to your envisioned state.

Regenerative Medicine

This is a new medical treatment for those who wish to regain youthfulness and vitality against the deterioration of mind and body associated with aging (frail/pre-frail).
A small amount of subcutaneous fat is harvested at our clinic and affiliated clinics in Tokyo. Stem cells are extracted and cultured at a specialized facility, and then returned to the body via intravenous infusion at our clinic.
Autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy is performed under the legal regulations of the Act for Ensuring the Safety of Regenerative Medicine, etc., after the examination of the regenerative medicine provision plan and its notification to the Health and Welfare Bureau.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture Supernatant Treatment

The culture medium utilized in mesenchymal stem cell cultivation contains a diverse array of physiologically active substances released by the stem cells. Stem cell culture supernatant therapy harnesses these potent components by collecting and purifying the culture media, removing impurities. This innovative approach is anticipated to yield effects comparable to traditional stem cell therapy. Notably, it has garnered global attention for being both safe and cost-effective.

Our clinic is at the forefront of incorporating this innovative treatment method—stem cell culture supernatant treatment into our comprehensive approach. This promising therapy is applied effectively in addressing various diseases, enhancing overall physical well-being, and promoting anti-aging benefits.

Autologous Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

While global research on induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells is advancing steadily, practical applications are limited, with only a few exceptions. In contrast, mesenchymal stem cell treatments, utilizing cells naturally present in everyone’s body, have found practical applications in Japan under the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine.

Mesenchymal stem cells, found in various tissues such as fat, deciduous dental pulp, umbilical cord, and bone marrow, possess the unique ability to differentiate into diverse cell types. Our clinic is actively preparing to offer treatments using mesenchymal stem cells derived from the patient’s own subcutaneous fat, providing a promising avenue for regenerative medicine.

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Anti-Aging Treatment

HöRM CLINIC defines anti-aging medicine as “active and pre-emptive preventive medicine,” tackling the physical changes associated with aging proactively. Our unique approach involves a careful blend of health foods, medicines, and medical methods to optimize beauty and health from both internal and external perspectives.

Oxidation • Saccharification Test

This test assesses the levels of oxidation (commonly referred to as “rust”) and saccharification (referred to as “scorch”), which are significant contributors to aging and disease. It involves measuring the concentration of urinary 8-OHdG, a DNA oxidation metabolite, and evaluating AGE, the final glycation product in the skin.

Fatigue • Stress Test

This test examines fatigue, stress, and stress resistance by measuring the state of the autonomic nervous system through analysis of minute heart rate fluctuations and the concentration of adrenal hormones (DHEA-s, cortisol) in the blood.

Nutritional Therapy • Intravenous Therapy

We enhance health by stimulating the longevity/anti-aging gene sirtuin, renowned for its health-supporting and anti-aging properties. Our approach includes a range of supplements such as multivitamins, minerals, and hormones like DHEA and melatonin. Additionally, we prescribe medications for dietary and beauty purposes. Complementing these interventions, we offer personalized nutritional guidance and a diverse array of intravenous IV drips tailored to your needs, including stem cell culture supernatant, Myers cocktail, high-concentration vitamin C, skin beautification, and fatigue recovery, among others.


We administer the patient’s own stem cell-derived supernatant liquid through fine injections directly into the skin or scalp using a syringe. This procedure is virtually painless, targeting the superficial skin layer. The benefits include promoting beautiful skin, rejuvenation, and stimulating hair growth.
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Advanced Therapies

Introducing new products specifically designed to address major health challenges, including cancer, dementia, pain, and long-term effects of COVID-19. Our offerings encompass home monitoring for arrhythmia and sleep apnea syndrome.

We specialize in ultra-early diagnosis and treatment for cancer and dementia, aiming to intervene before it’s too late. Our focus extends to relieving chronic pain, facilitating recovery from post-COVID conditions, and managing arrhythmia and sleep apnea. At our clinic, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge, next-generation diagnostic and treatment methods that set us apart from conventional healthcare, tailored to meet your unique needs

Revolutionary Ultra-Early Cancer Detection

Our advanced urine test, miSignal, capable of detecting microscopic cancers in their earliest stages. This groundbreaking test examines microRNAs in microparticles released from cancer cells, providing an unparalleled level of sensitivity beyond traditional imaging methods. Additionally, our blood tests, CTC (Circulating Tumor Cell tests), identify cancer cells forming metastatic foci, enabling a comprehensive analysis of their properties. Together, these tests empower preemptive actions against cancer, ushering in a new era of ultra-early detection and intervention.

Recovery from Cancer-Related Fatigue

We offer treatments utilizing stem cell culture supernatant and nutritional therapy. These complementary approaches are designed to not only restore physical strength lost during anti-cancer treatments but also address fatigue resulting from cancer progression.
Our comprehensive care seeks to enhance overall well-being for individuals navigating the challenges of cancer and its aftermath.

Early Detection and Intervention for Dementia

Our blood test designed for the early detection and assessment of various substances related to Alzheimer’s disease, including APOA1 and TTR. The comprehensive diagnosis results pave the way for tailored treatments.
Our proposed interventions encompass the use of stem cell culture supernatants, medications, and supplements. These treatments aim to not only suppress but also improve the progression of the disease. We are committed to proactive care, providing personalized solutions for individuals facing the challenges of dementia.

Innovative Therapy for Pain Management

Experience the future of pain treatment with our advanced approaches. Whether it’s joint pain linked to aging or disease, or muscle and tendon pain resulting from sports injuries, we offer treatments that address pain at its source.
Our comprehensive methods include the use of stem cell supernatant, prolotherapy, trigger point injections, and myofascial hydro release. These cutting-edge therapies aim to eliminate pain, providing effective solutions for individuals seeking advanced and innovative pain management.
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Our Doctors


Tadashi Yamamoto

The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine - Certifified Physician
The Japanese Circulation Society - Specialist Doctor
Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics - Specialist Doctor
Doctor of Engineering


Yuji Morita

The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine - Certifified Physician
Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine - Specialist Doctor and Councilor
Clinical society of Menstrual Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Academic Director
International Society for Stem Cell Research - Cytopathologist


Yumiko Kikuch

Japan Dermatological Association - Specialist Doctor
Japanese Research Society of Mesotherapy - Member
Allergen Botox Vista Certified Physician
Allergan Juvederm Vista Certified Physician

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Case Studies

In our clinic, we go beyond treating conditions to zero; we focus on enhancing your overall quality of life. If you have lingering concerns or requests that may be unconventional or haven’t found a solution elsewhere, we welcome you to reach out to us. Our commitment extends beyond traditional boundaries to address your unique health considerations.

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Examination and Treatment
Based on the examination results, we will conduct tests if necessary. We will inform you of the results of the examination and tests, discuss the future treatment plan, decide on it, and prescribe medication and treatment.
*Depending on the test, results may be available at a later date.
We do not accept health insurance.
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Please contact us for details as it varies depending on the treatment.
Please contact us for details as it varies depending on the treatment.
Depending on the nature of the treatment, treatment can be done on the same day as the reservation. Please contact us first.